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PERC and the propane industry believe that educating consumers is very important, so together we developed this suite of 16 electronic modules on consumer propane safety as a way to reinforce our efforts to educate consumers.

Each of the following modules, available in English and Spanish, is devoted to a single subject (e.g. Appliance Maintenance) and takes less than ten minutes to complete. This is important information that you can share with your family whenever and as often as you want.
What is Propane? (en Espanol)
What to Do If You Smell Gas (en Espanol)
Can You Smell It?

(en Espanol)

Maintaining Your Propane Appliance (en Espanol)
Carbon Monoxide Safety (en Espanol)
Lighting Pilot Lights (en Espanol)
Running Out of Gas (en Espanol)
Using Space Heaters Safely (en Espanol)
Safe Grilling (en Espanol)
Small Cylinder Transportation & Storage (en Espanol)
Power Outages (en Espanol)
Flood Preparedness (en Espanol)
Hurricane Preparedness (en Espanol)
Spring/Summer Weather Safety (en Espanol)
Winter Storm Preparedness (en Espanol)
Wildfire Preparedness (en Espanol)



Nearly 5 million U.S. households already rely on propane for home heating and 3 million use propane for residential water heating.

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Propane equipment and appliances are manufactured to rigorous safety standards

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